PSMB8 (NM_148919.4) sequence variants
(beta5i, D6S216E, PSMB5i, RING10)

Editor(s): Hiroaki IDA   Nobuo KANAZAWA   

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LRG LRG_1328
DNA NC_000006.12 GRCh38.p13 ENSG00000204264 GRCh38.p13
  NC_000006.11 GRCh37.p13 ENSG00000204264 GRCh37.p13
mRNA NM_148919.4 ENST00000374882.8
CCDS CCDS4757.1  
Protein NP_683720.2 ENSP00000364016.3
NCBI Gene 5696  
OMIM Gene 177046  
OMIM Disease 256040  
Nomenclature HGNC  

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