LACC1 (NM_001128303.2) sequence variants
(FAMIN, C13orf31)

Editor(s): Guilaine BOURSIER   

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Total current number of sequence variants for LACC1 : 8

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HGVS sequence name
HGVS protein name
Classification *
Status *
Simple variant
Complex alleles
exon 1c.3G>Ap.?PathogenicNot validated
exon 2c.128_129delp.(Cys43Tyrfs*6)PathogenicNot validated
exon 2c.372delp.(Asp125Metfs*12)Likely pathogenicNot validated
exon 3c.584C>Tp.(Thr195Ile)Likely pathogenicNot validated
exon 4c.827delp.(Thr276Lysfs*2)PathogenicNot validated
exon 4c.850T>Cp.(Cys284Arg)Likely pathogenicNot validated
exon 5c.988_990delp.(Ile330del)Likely pathogenicNot validated
exon 6c.1240C>Tp.(Arg414*)PathogenicNot validated