PSMB8 (NM_148919.4) sequence variants
(beta5i, D6S216E, PSMB5i, RING10)

Editor(s): Nobuo KANAZAWA   Hiroaki IDA   

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Flanking region
UTR region
Exonic region
Intronic region
5' flanking X
No variants
X 5' UTR
No variants
Exon 1 X
  G8R  Q49K
Intron 1X
No variants
Exon 2 X
  T74S  T74I  T75M
  F80L  R91W  A92T
Intron 2X
No variants
Exon 3 X
  K105Q  M117V  D123N
  Q125P  R129C  C135*
Intron 3X
No variants
Exon 4 X
No variants
Intron 4X
No variants
Exon 5 X
  G201V  Y234C
Intron 5X
No variants
Exon 6 X
No variants
3' UTR X
  c.*8G>A  c.*20G>C
3' flanking X
No variants