NLRP1 (NM_033004.4) sequence variants
(CARD7, CLR17.1, DEFCAP, DKFZp586O1822, KIAA0926, NAC, "nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain, leucine rich repeat and pyrin domain containing 1", VAMAS1)

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DNA NC_000017.11 GRCh38.p13 ENSG00000091592 GRCh38.p13
  NC_000017.10 GRCh37.p13 ENSG00000091592 GRCh37.p13
mRNA NM_033004.4 ENST00000572272.6
CCDS CCDS42246.1  
Protein NP_127497.1 ENSP00000460475.1
NCBI Gene 22861  
OMIM Gene 606636  
OMIM Disease 617388  
Nomenclature HGNC  

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